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At PRC Conway our dedicated Cannabis Specialists are committed to providing you with the finest cannabis experience in the world. With over 40 years of customer experience management, our team intends to meet & exceed your needs every single time you walk through our doors!



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“I have come here a few times and really appreciate the atmosphere. The staff is friendly and helpful. ”
“This place is truly amazing. Great location. Great customer service. They always help me find the best strain I need. They definitely have it down to a science. This is the go to shop, and I can even go to their new location in smokey point/Arlington now! ”
“This location is awesome. Love the layout, selection, and the service is just beautiful. They help you right from the moment you walk in with any questions or curiosities you may have, and their prices are outstanding. Will always recommend this place.”
“Wether you’re a regular or just stopping though on your way to any of the islands, border, or Seattle, I’d stop here for the atmosphere alone. Everything else is a bonus. Calm and educational experience, huge selection of all genres of cannabis. Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge stands out here; these guys know their growers and cannabis very very well! Thank you for your level of commitment to “our, the people’s” industry! #cannabisculture #oldschoolcannaconsumer #END420SHAME”
“i’ve checked out a few different stores but find myself coming back to 221 because their service, knowledge, and laid back atmosphere that makes this place of green heaven my favorite go to!!!!”
“This place has some of the friendliest guys and gals there. I have been to the shop several times now and I gotta say they really look out for you before themselves. Class act people, great products and I’m going to swing in today and I’m always excited to see what’s there. Plus they have great glass, many custom and high quality pieces. Some come from Local Blend and I have been a fan of them for a while now. They make some of the best stuff in Skagit County, great stuff to have in their shop. All in all I’m happy with the service, the products, selections(edibles, concentrates, etc etc) and the nice place they have. It feels like a nice home with a bad ass shop inside. Kudos to them. I highly recommend. ”
“After my latest visit to 221 Inc., this is going to be my go-to store. The service I receive here is fantastic, and they always have the product I’m looking for.”
“Really made my visits easy. Knowledgeable staff helped educate me to find just what I was looking for!! Nice selection of quality yummy flowers at comfortable prices. This CaliSoccerMom is lovin’ her Blue Dream!! Thanks 221 :)”
“So the first time I went here was my very first experience with a recreational store, and I must say, it was a very satisfying experience. The store is easily found , yet out of view. The staff is very helpful, and professional. They made me feel welcome and answered all of my questions . Being a regular “recreational user” I have high standards for what I smoke , and let me tell you , 221 INC kills the game . Check them out, you will be pleased.”

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